Music from the first At-Ma CD with Russell and Craig – “CITY IN THE SKY”

1. Call of the Rift Listen (mp3 – 2.2Mb)

Inspired by the wide open spaces of Africa, this piece depicts the power of monumental landscapes. A contemplative opening changes into a group rhythm, transforming into a group chant. The first break in rhythm is like looking over the edge, onto the largest view on Earth, and not being able to take in the sheer scale of the distance.

2. River of Life Listen (mp3 – 2.2Mb)

Portrays the solo voice floating across a strong rhythm and group chanting: the river flowing underneath, while in trance-like fashion, the central singer sways in a world of his own. The lyrics tell the story of our modern world – what many of us feel is happening around us, but so few are saying.

In four sections, the opening tones of the crystal bowls combine with the rustle of the swaramandala (Indian zither) and tambura (drone instrument) which sets the stage for the opening solo voice soundings. Weaving from the voice phrases, the sitar and then the Native American Indian flute take up the awakening, followed by a joyous chant – the calling together of the tribe – which brings this piece together in enthusiasm and celebration. As the walking drums end, the searching solo voice explores fundamental questions, leaving the intimate ending very much as an open breath.

4. Chant for Spring

Most of the At-Ma music on the CD was recorded during the energy of spring 2007, and this piece came spontaneously during one of those sessions. Reflecting the feeling of nature at this time, there is a welling up of hope, joy and anticipation.

5. To Be With You Listen (mp3 – 2.2Mb)

A simply sung song of devotion and longing. Even if at times, it feels like there is a long way to go, or, we have lost our way, we are all doing our best to find our way home.

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