Behind the group At-Ma are three philosopher musicians, aligned and attuned in their quest for the highest purpose of music. Their common goal embraces the modern need for musicians to take responsibility in helping and inspiring the emerging global consciousness. At-Ma promote music that is Life Supporting, Blissful, Devotional and Transcendental – expressing dynamism that is underpinned by silence and serenity, expansion yet introspection, joy and celebration with a warm sense of inner space.


With the arrival of 1 Giant Leap in April 2002, there began a world-wide resurgence of interest in new World Music developments as a link to World Wisdom.

Why “wisdom”? Has it been because the musician philosophers from around the world have finally stepped up to become the combined voice of a New World Community based on the values of Peace, Harmony and Cooperation? Yes! To undertake any in-depth, meaningful journey into the heart of a true “world music”, one is immediately in the arena of “Harmony in Diversity” – a human value so desparately needed by a divided, fractious and manipulated world.

This is why this enchanted endeavor resonates with people everywhere. It is moving and celebratory. It is the need of our time. And as Bob Geldorf once said, “If the musicians can’t do it, who will?”.

At-Ma continues this tradition through a unique combination of musical and spiritual skills combined in its three experienced members.

It is only the last two or three generations of musicians in the world who have had the time, opportunity or encouragement to train in each other’s established musical traditions. Over a  hundred years ago, European classical music collided with the  exiled African music of the USA to produce jazz, soul and gospel  music, and now this fusion combines again with Indian and Arabic  music to create something new and penetrating and uplifting with  At-Ma. Fusions now mix with gems of pure source for all possibilities.

On the planetary level, Global Unity will come sooner when the vibrations of this kind of music are disseminated – especially when coupled with sensitivity, heart and spiritual awareness/practice. For it is this new World Music that is rapidly becoming the VOICE and FOCUS of the evolving world Harmony in Diversity.

As the Hopi Native Americans said: “We are the ones we have been
waiting for.”


A musician’s nervous system – their whole inner atmosphere – is the springboard for musical expression. An inner being that is cultured with regular meditation, yoga or devotional practices can give rise to a higher vibration in the music – the singing, playing and composing. Each member of At-Ma have many years experience and practice in inner exploration, and their music reflects this on a deep level.


“Don’t ask yourself
what the world needs.
Ask yourself what makes
you come alive, and go do that,
because what the world needs
is people who have come alive.”

– John Eldridge

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