Russell Stone

Russell Stone

Learning to be in the now, come what may, has become the central path for Russell in recent years. He believes it is through constantly committing to being fully, truly present – and not runnning from ourselves – that transformation comes, and that we find meaning and healing.

In his life, he practises the three, related, core disciplines of psychotherapy, yoga and music. For him, humanity and spirituality lie at the heart of all of these. As well as following these disciplines separately in their own right, he has, perhaps inevitably, found himself looking for a way to combine them in one process. This is currently the central focus of his musical activities, and is expressed through his work with Craig Pruess and the ‘tribe’ of musicians that has gathered for this project.

Musical beginnings – singing and writing

Born in 1946 in Norwich, he left school at 18 to join show business in 1964. Working his way from being a chorus boy in the Black & White Minstrel Show, he toured with bands, and made his way into recording studios, radio/TV work.

During that time as a session singer, producers he worked with included George Martin (producer for the Beatles), Tommy LiPuma, Georgio Moroder, Michel Colombier and Henry Mancini. He accompanied a wide variety of artistes including Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Adam Ant, Tony Bennett, Twisted Sister, Cliff Richard and Right Said Fred. He also found time to lend his voice to many TV and radio commercials including McDonalds, Lloyds Bank, Midland Bank, The Halifax Building Society, Delta Airlines, Pacific Airlines, Capital Radio and BBC Radio 1.

In 1977 he achieved huge success with the act R & J Stone with the self-penned, worldwide hit ‘We Do It’. Following the death of his late wife Joanne, the J of R & J Stone, in 1979, he went back to studio work and touring.

Psychotherapy, counselling and teaching

In 1994, having successfully addressed an alcohol abuse problem with help from a Hampshire clinic and counselling, he began counselling training and completed a Diploma in 1998. He took a sabbatical from singing professionally in 1995 in order to focus on this, and established a private therapy practice in 1999, which he has maintained to this day.

He taught counselling at Farnborough College from 2000 to 2005 through Skills to the Advanced Diploma level. During this time he also began facilitating workshops using vocal sound to explore within.

It was when he had stopped drinking that he realised the old ways were not enough, and that being sober was definitely by no means enough for him. At that time he intuited that spirituality, whatever that meant, was the way forward, and has maintained a commitment to studying this ever since. Having completed a Certificate of Education in 2002, he decided to combine the interests of therapy and spirituality by embarking on an MA.


His MA also served the purpose of coming back to music in a very different way. He combined his therapeutic and musical skills in running a long term group, with whom he explored the question for his 2004 thesis, “What is the transpersonal experience of the vocal method of Sounding?” Sounding is the expression of spontaneous and improvisational vocal sounds that might or might not involve musical structures. They could be vowel sounds, expressions of pain/joy: anything that the mind or body seem to want to voice.

He now works with musicians of all different kinds in this improvisational way, to explore meditatively within while others are a witness. Working this way has promoted the return of the muse and the At-Ma project is the natural coming together of many strands, drawing on his life experience, and friends and colleagues who share his vision of stepping into just being.

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